Friday, 2 May 2014

The Dilemma Show

The Dilemma Show

On this show we answer dilemmas including: a woman who fears menopause is adversely affecting her sex life as it is no longer enjoyable; a 42 woman who says the only men who show interest in her are always married; a young man who is dating a young single mother who he thinks still likes her ex, a man whose wife divorced him for his adultery wants to start dating again and is unsure if he is ready; an older sister who is bad mouthing her other sisters and critizing their husbands and their families; plus a woman who at 55 still feels abandoned by her mother who allowed her to grow up with her grandmother when she left the country to seek a better life, even though she later brought her to live with her. Dr Ryeal Simms is our guest coach. Music from Deitrick Haddon and Tamar Braxton .

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