Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Church Flow on the Real Love Show

This week we had a pretty sparkling debate on church flow, for christian women.

Special guest, renowned gospel artist Watchman Williams, stated publicly that "christian women were out of touch when it came to fashion, their conversation and dating".

Listen to the show here Real Love Show with guest Dr Watchman Williams

As you can guess there was plenty of outrage among the sisters and Dr Williams was brought to task.

However I'd like to add a few things.
While there may be some women who are less concerned with fashion and with staying up on the latest trends, there are plenty of sisters who look the part and not just on a Sunday.  They have more than church flow going on Sunday morning, they stay in the flow. With style.

But these ladies, as stylish as they are, do not always get a look in from the brothers and still remain single. I spoke to a DJ the other day who was talking about  a church boat cruise he'd just been on that weekend.  He admitted the ladies had looked very good. No complaints. On asking whether or not he had approached any of these ladies he confessed he hadn't. I would like to know why. I'm pretty sure he was one of many guys who didn't approach.

The ladies did their part so when will the men  do theirs?  I've heard it said that they fear rejection. Isn't rejection part of life?  Do we not all experience rejections on the path to our yes? There are no guarantees.  Things are not handed to you on a plate.

Our guest also made a point that church ladies need to have more to their conversation than Jesus but needed to be able to talk about Adidas too. Point taken.

I was told some years ago by a very wise lady that my husband didn't always want to see me in the Bible at all times. Sometimes he'd like to see me less. Point taken. Whilst the spiritual side of things is imperative the human and physical side must be catered to, equally.  Otherwise things can become very unbalanced.

But how far do we go?  Whilst many of us can take this on board we may want to learn a lesson from Meagan Good who definitely understands this dynamic  but she may wish to exercise due appropriateness next time!

A friend of mine told me the other week that her husband used to be no fun and life with him not at all enjoyable. Yet this man is a well respected minister and deservedly so. But what's lacking is the human component. We have to take care of all our partner's needs. Sometimes girls just wanna have fun. She has told me though in latter months he has begun to change and is much more relaxed.

As christian women we can't be one sided.  We need to look good for our partners and take genuine interest in their lives outside of church matters. Be interested in their careers, in their hobbies and their goals in life.

Listen to the show here Real Love Show with Dr Watchman Williams

All this goes both ways. The brothers need to do the same for their wives too. It's a two way street. 

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