Saturday, 28 January 2017

Is It So Hard to Say "I Love You?".

I was talking to a close friend last week and something she said really made me ponder.

Her aunt's husband had just died and her aunt was sharing memories of their last time together.  When she left him in the hospital  bed that evening she had left feeling contented, happy and at peace.   John had seemed like he was getting stronger and had been very lively and even playful.  As she walked out and went home she was looking forward to coming back and seeing him the next day.

However when she reached home some hours later she received the call that John had passed.

She was devastated.  She had  not been looking for that at all.

She told my friend that  night he had even told her "Jane, I really love you,  you know".   She had replied "John I really love you too".  She told my friend that she hadn't heard those words in years.

As my friend continued to share, those words continued to arrest me.  This couple had been happily enough married for over 50 years.  They had raised a family together.  They had run businesses together, gone on exotic faraway vacations together; yet it had been made years since he had told his wife he loved her.

It made me think and ask myself, why do so many of us find it hard to articulate our feelings of love.  Why do some men rarely if ever tell their wives they love them? Is it unnecessary after the honeymoon stage?  Should she just know? Or has life and it's pressures and woes taken the love away?

As human beings we need love. Babies die from lack of attention and lack of care and lack of demonstrated love.  Adults die too. They die emotionally as their heart holds a vacuum that isn't being filled.

Can we show and tell of our love today to our loved one. Tell your wife you love her.  Say it in front of your children. It's powerful. It will show them how to love their wives too. A wife will always respect and honour a man who loves her and is  not afraid to say it or show it. Your words will beautify her also. She will reflect the love and care she is receiving. A woman who is loved is always beautiful.

Don't lock up your words. Let them out.

Even, why not write a letter? A love letter. Those romantic, old fashioned things.  Bring them back is what I say.

Apart from romantic love, let's tell those in our lives who really matter; who we're so glad we had the privilege of knowing in this lifetime; who we were blessed they crossed our paths; tell them they are honoured and loved. 

Please don't wait until your time on earth is over and you are about to transition into the eternal realm before you say those powerful words "I Love You".