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Your Confidence Evaluator

So far, I've published several blog posts about confidence, motivation and how to declutter your life. Here is a super way to assess your progress. Let's take the Confidence Test. Be sure to let me know how you did. 

The Confidence Evaluator is an assessment to evaluate your current levels of confidence and self esteem.

Take the test, see what your scores are and then map out a plan of action to increase your scores over the next 2 months.
Rank your current levels of confidence in each area of your life. (If the sentence is true give yourself 1 point,  If not, then 0 points.)

Self Worth

O I love my life and I am very happy
O I am a worthwhile person
O I love being me
O I don’t feel like a failure
O I am as good as other people if not better
O I can laugh at myself
O I am a positive person
O I don’t worry what others think of me
O I look in the mirror and like what I see
O I am good company to be around

Self Worth score out of 10 –

Go for it!

O I am not afraid of failure
O I don’t beat myself up if I make mistakes
O I don’t doubt my own ability
O I know what I want in life and am moving towards it
O I am in control of my life
O I know my strengths and weaknesses
O If things don’t go my way I never give up
O I’ve succeeded in the past and I will succeed tomorrow
O My philosophy is “You only live once”
O I am always thinking of ways to be more successful

Go for it! score out of 10 -

Communicating with others

O I am a confident communicator
O I don’t mind speaking in front of groups
O I am not afraid to say “NO” to others
O I don’t get nervous when meeting strangers
O I can keep a conversation going
O I am not afraid to complain if I get bad services
O I am not frightened to speak up at meetings
O I have no problem asking for what I want on the telephone
O I have good interpersonal skills
O I am interested in what others have to say

Communicating with others score out of 10 

Having pleasure and fun!

O I don’t get nervous when I tell a joke
O I enjoy having fun and relaxing
O I take pleasure in my achievements
O I never think that when I experience
pleasure it is undeserved
O I don’t have to work hard at having fun
O When I succeed I never respond by feeling defensive or anxious
O If others don’t like me having fun, that’s tough!
O I make people laugh
O I regularly have fun
O I smile a lot

Having pleasure and fun score out of 10 -

Confidence at work

O I am in control of my career
O I don’t doubt my ability to do a/the job
O I don’t have a problem with talking to people higher up the organisation than me
O I don’t have difficulty in saying “No”
O If I lost my job today I am confident that I would get one very soon
O I don’t mind speaking in front of others
O I like to do presentations
O I should be in a much higher position at work
O I know my weaknesses and I have got a plan in place to improve them
O Criticism rarely fazes me

Confidence at work score out of 10 –

Looking after yourself

O I take in exercise at least 3 times a week
O I lead a healthy lifestyle in terms of the food I eat and I do not abuse my body with excess alcohol
O I am happy with my appearance
O I regularly visit the Dentist, Optician and the Doctors for check ups
O I manage my stress levels by relaxing each and every day
O I have at least 3 holidays/breaks per year
O There are no outstanding issues or problems that have not been resolved or working towards being resolved.
O I do not chase my tail in terms of not having enough time
O I regularly treat myself each week to something I enjoy – clothes, cd’s, massage, nails, hair, skin etc
O I regularly assess how I am looking after myself and put a plan in place to improve

Looking after yourself score out of 10 –

Growth & Development

O I am constantly learning and growing
O I try out new things and activities all of the time
O I make plans to improve myself constantly
O I know what my goals are and I am eagerly and effectively making them a reality
O I enjoy variety
O I develop the people around me so that they are more successful in their lives
O I have all of the tools, aids, contacts and resources to make me a success
O I have a mentor who continually pushes me to achieve more
O I make events happen rather than wait for them to happen to me
O I regularly attend seminars, training courses and conferences to improve

Growth & Development score out of 10 –

Unfinished Business!

O I am in control of my own life and my own destiny
O I could die right this moment with no regrets
O I am doing what I want, when I want
O I am really optimistic about the future
O There is nothing I am dreading or avoiding at this moment in time
O I have a plan in place to succeed in all that I do
O I am implementing my plan
O I have the energy and drive to succeed
O I am not afraid of making mistakes or failing at things
O I am now ready to give it all that it takes to succeed

Unfinished Business score out of 10 –

Your overall scores:


Self worth
Going for it!
Pleasure & fun
Work confidence
Looking after.
Unfinished Business


Put your overall scores in the table above and highlight the areas of your confidence that need the most work.

Jot down below the top 5 activities that you are going to start on immediately. What jumped out at you from completing the assessment?


So, what was your score?
Use the chart below to see what confidence league you are in!

Points - 70-80
League - Premier League

Points - 60-69
League - Division 1

Points - 40-59
League - Division 2

Points - 00-39
League - Division 3

Premier League
You should be writing material not taking tests! You win the championship every single year.

Division 1
Huge potential to jump into the big league. Need to polish your skills in a couple of areas to get promotion.

Division 2
Playing to a good standard but are underachieving. You have spouts of confidence and then doubts creep in. You need more consistency overall.

Division 3
The only way is up. Sack the current manager and recruit a new one with a proven track record. Make a fresh start from this moment onwards and nothing will stop you.

You owe it to yourself to have as much happiness in your life as you can, do something about it today.

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