Saturday, 21 February 2015

Succeeding Against the Odds

I had a wonderful evening at the recent Screen Nation Awards 2015! It was an evening filled with glitz and glamour, live music and upbeat and  lively men and women.

We had all come together to laud and celebrate artists operating at the highest level of their craft and to acknowledge their consistent dedication in their chosen speciality.

I am one who believes in awards. It is a positive thing to be recognised by your peers and be celebrated. It's much better to be celebrated than it is to be tolerated.

It was lovely to hear from some of the winners the motivation that drives them even when it seems all uphill, even when they have faced so many no's in the industry. Yet they stayed with their passion, they stuck with Plan A as plan b wasn't an option.
Screen Nation celebrates artists of colour as in the mainstream they are mostly overlooked. So this Award body helps to set that right.  In very much the same way the NAACP Image Awards does in the USA.

Idris Elba gives his speech

Mr Idris Elba was there live in person to collect his award and during his speech made the request that everyone should  give support to events such as these.

Indeed without support we can get nowhere.   Everyone and anyone who is making great strides is doing so because they are getting support to get the work done. Vision alone is never enough. As well as vision and planning etc every dream needs a team.

Well done to the founder of these excellent awards, Charles Thompson MBE, who has been hosting it for 10 years  and also to his outstanding team.
Whatever you're setting out to do, don't be a one man band  but take time to assemble your team.
Your team should believe in you and your vision.  Without this its not a team. The team may change faces from time to time but essentially the characteristics and qualities will be the same.

I have to say that there was a lot of positivity in that room filled with amazing people. The positivity was inspiring and uplifting and made you feel you could succeed also.

And of course, if you put in the work, build your team and run with the vision,  you can!

Patricia Benjamin
Life Coach
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