Thursday, 5 February 2015

Count Down to Love

Hi guys, 
Are you ready for a Love Challenge? If you are and you're single and ready to commit to 28 days, let's go!
I'm doing this because I want to resource those of you who desire to be in a relationship leading to marriage. So, we are going to be very intentional about it. I would love you to let me know, as you go along, how you're doing. Come back at me with any questions.
Expectations: It's not about getting a proposal in 28 days (but you never know) but about being positioned to make a Real Love Connection! What do you have to lose...... Here goes!
Day One: - Prepare for Love by actively loving yourself. Okay, so get in front of the mirror and think about someone you know for sure loves or admires you. As you look at yourself, see yourself the way they see you. Stand there and absorb that for a full minute. Then whilst you're still in front of the mirror give yourself a personal compliment. A very specific tailor made compliment. Just for you. Be nice to yourself. Even if this feels strange, narcissistic or just uncomfortable. Stand there and enjoy the compliment.  Feel the love. Okay, start your day!
Day Two: The same as yesterday. PLUS - Then throughout your day find a minimum of 5 people you do NOT know and simply hold their gaze when you would normally look away and simply  smile.
Day Three: The same as day 2. PLUS - Then as you go through your day please find 5 people of the same sex to pay a real compliment to. One you genuinely mean. It could be someone at work about a great presentation they gave or a colleague's new hairstyle etc.
Day Four: This morning look at yourself and do it through your own eyes. Take time and appreciate being you - call to mind a favourite compliment you have received and enjoy it all over again.
Day Five: Take it further. For this you will need a good 10-15 minutes. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Then begin speaking to your body. Speak to your heart and tell your heart how much you appreciate it beating every day. Speak to your lungs and tell them you appreciate them enabling you to breathe every day. Speak to your blood and appreciate that it flows to and feeds every organ of your body every day. Speak to your kidneys and appreciate them keeping your body clear of toxins etc etc. Go through your body and appreciate, love and bless your physical being. Close your eyes as you imagine your body feeling the love. You know your body has emotion......don't you?  Do it with soft music in the background if you like. It's very healing and inner joy enhancing. You will feel so good at the end of it.
Day Six: Today, it's feel the fear and do it anyway. As you go through your day find a minimum of 5 men you do NOT know and hold their gaze when you would normally look away, and just smile.
Day Seven: You're doing so well. On this the last day of the first week you are going to give 3 men you do not know a genuine, considered compliment. It does not have to be flirty, or heavy, just genuine. No pressure.
By now, you will have realised that we are being the change we want to see. No one is attracted to someone who doesn't enjoy being in their own body or someone who never has a kind word to say to or about anybody or even someone who doesn't give off positive vibes. Next time, we will add to this and take things further.
I would love to hear from you at the end of this week and hear how you found it.
Day Eight will be coming out next!
Enjoy the Real Love Challenge,
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