Monday, 7 July 2014

You Are Loved - Don't Let Shame Hold You Captive

I spoke to my guest, Caroline, on the Real Love Show. She shared her story of enduring years of violent domestic abuse.  She went through a virtual hell, a nightmare!

Beaten, battered, broken and bruised; having to go and live at several Women's Refuges, once even while pregnant. 

Enduring the physical pain was one thing. But the emotional and mental pain was another level. Even worse the fact that she told no one. No family. No friends. No colleagues. 

She tells me she learned to sit in the dark in complete silence. Quietly. Still. Not moving. Not making a sound. Hoping desperately that whoever was knocking at her door would eventually go away believing she was out. For she couldn't possibly let them see her like this. Swollen eyes. Scarred. Puffed cheeks. No make up could hide these fresh wounds.  

Finally she tells someone. Finally her family learn the truth. Once she has overcome her sense of shame, she gradually realizes that her family love her. That they aren't going to judge her. That they will gather her into their arms and gather her back to life and love. 

Isn't it awful that not only does the situation imprison but the mindset that it produces imprisons so securely!

She was always loved. But she could not reach out and avail herself of that love. 

I want to use this blog post to say to anyone who feels imprisoned, overcome or bound by similar circumstances that you are loved. You are worthy. You are somebody. You are better than this. No one has the right to hold you down. 

Pick up the phone and call a trusted friend. Call a family member you instinctively know will understand. Go online and seek out organisations such as Women's Aid, etc. 

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You will be believed. You will receive support. You are not alone. 

Patricia Benjamin
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