Wednesday, 2 July 2014

No Matter What, Whatever it takes.....

Don't you dare give up on who you are. Don't ever give up on your dream. Don't ever give in no matter what! 

The caged bird doesn't wait until it's out of the cage to sing. Despite the bars, despite the confinement, it sings. It lifts it's voice and sings it's song. Do you have a voice? Do you have a song?

It's not over yet. While you are alive and drawing breath your dream lives. 

Life so far may have been cruel. You may have been let down my friends. You may have experienced disappointments. You may have experienced hurt, disloyalty and betrayal. But it's not over. 

Do people laugh when you share your deepest desires? Do they tell you it can't happen. No way. Do they tell you it's the impossible dream?

Well, if it's in your heart and soul, it's possible. Your deepest desires and dreams have been put there by God and with Him all things are possible. The fact that you can dream it, means you can achieve it. 

Remember your dream will be the making of you.  So it will cost you. It will take something from you. It will teach you. It will train you. It will build you. It will make you. The accomplishment and fulfilment of your dream is the final part of the process of bringing you to a place of maturity, wisdom and understanding. 

Whilst going through your process do not compare yourself with others. Their tests and trials may not be apparent. But they are there nonetheless. If they seem to be going faster or quicker than you, remember the race is not given to the swift but to him that endures. 

In order not to give up on your dream you must not give up on yourself. You can make it. You will make it. You have come this far, and there is no turning back. 

Find it in you to be violent. There are times to violently oppose the status quo. If it is in opposition to what you are trying to do then you must use your best endeavours to bring change. 

Remember, your dream will not come to you. You must go out to meet it. Out of your comfort zone. Out beyond what's familiar to you. Out to that place where the magic happens and the miracles appear. Go out to meet your dream. 

Use your personal resourcefulness fully. Be wise. Be cunning. Be opportunist. Be smart. Be proactive. Be willing. Be ready. Be prepared. Resist the negativity. Resist the faintheartedness. Resist the passivity. Resist the poverty mentality. Resist the victim mindset. Resist the fatalist mindset. Become creative. Become a change maker. Become the game changer. Make your own rules. Live your own life. You decide. You choose. 

"And this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith". 1 John 5.4

"The violent take it by force" Matthew 11.12

"If you believe in yourself, know what you want, you can make it happen." Mariah Carey

Patricia Benjamin
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