Thursday, 7 January 2016

Get Your Life in 2016

2016 is Your Time!

I hope you're fired up for 2016 and I've listed below 10 elements you can integrate into your life to ensure an excellent year both personal and professional.

1. Take Yourself Seriously.

Don't keep saying you will go with the flow. That means you have no plan, no goal, no destination, you're just reacting to what life throws at you. Your life must be lived on purpose. Life isn't a dress rehearsal. This is it. If you're an entrepreneur or solopreneur take your business serious and take a business approach, every single day.

2. You're a reflection of your circle so really think about if everyone you spend significant time with is going the same direction as you.  Think if you really want another year of more of the same type and quality of relationship.

3. Are you setting the right kind of foundation in your life to win?  What books are you reading?  Are you still growing intellectually? Are you growing spiritually? Are you curious about life and ready to learn?

4. Faith is key but faith still needs a plan. Enough said. Don't get over spiritual!

5. Not just talking a good game but it's time to say "show me the money". Remember, know your value and charge your worth when it comes to business. People who can't afford to pay you or are unwilling to pay you or are forever seeking discounts are not your target market.

6. Feed your bank account and not your ego.  Being popular isn't going to pay your bills. Likes on facebook cant buy groceries.  So set specific weekly, monthly and quarterly business goals as well as yearly goals. Get a financial strategy that works for your business.

7. Don't just copy other people who seem to be succeeding. Don't just be a "wanna bee". Do you and do it well. Whatever works for you and your business do that and do it better.

8. Find people several steps ahead of you in your field and learn from them. Follow them on social media. Listen to their seminars. Read their books. See what you can adapt and adopt for your business and personal life.

9. Don't neglect you. Remember No is a complete sentence and it's a power word. Protect your me time and your down time. You won't succeed long term if you neglect yourself.

10. Always keep adjusting. Nothing is written in stone. If you need to make a change here or there don't be afraid to. Get ego out the way and follow the better way when revealed to you.

Patricia Benjamin
Life and Relationship Coach
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