Wednesday, 14 October 2015

It's All About The Money

'Money' Love

The latest Real Love Show was all about the Money.  I have to say it got me inspired,  excited and fired up.

That's not the way I've always felt about money but throughout the show it was so significant that our thoughts and emotions surrounding money are key.

Money expert and financialistar Lavinia D Osborne gave such great insight into money and emotions.  That's right, emotions. Apparently the way we feel about money directly contributes to how we treat it and how we behave around it.

So if we have a positive and empowered attitude towards money then we are more likely to take financial control in our lives. We are more likely to lead when it comes to how our money is invested and the way it's invested.  We are more likely to trust our own instincts and judgment. However if we feel out of control when it comes to our finances or uneducated in money matters we will simply follow other people's advice, assuming they know best.

Yet many people are suffering financially in today's times and instead of giving in to feelings of oppression or depression, an option is there to use it as an opportunity to change the way we view and approach money.

If you're at the bottom, now, then the only way is up. It's time to challenge the status quo. One doesn't always have to be among the have-nots. If you have an history of poor money management or you've always had low expectations of yourself financially why not challenge yourself to do things differently?

Confining your income to a job where you get just enough til the next payday isn't a great plan. You are not in a place of power. A job stands for Just Over Broke!

During times of economic depressions, over history, many successful businesses have launched and become established. But a new mindset is required for this.  Not just about money but about yourself.

Do you see yourself as someone who can be successful money wise?

If you don't see it then you can't have it.

But if you see it, you can have it. (I think I read that in the Bible before)

Or, as a man thinks so he is.

Begin developing a new positive powerful way of viewing money.  Begin to challenge your thoughts and feelings around money. Examine some of the messages you grew up with, were they financially enabling or disabling?

You can begin to change them. Get educated around money.  It is not the root of all evil. (It's the inordinate love of money)  It is a tool. It will take on the personality of its owner.  So think of all the good you can do with the money. Think of the powerful changes you can make in the world beyond just your family and friends.

A couple of great books I've enjoyed reading include

The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T.Harv Eker
The Richest Man in Babylon by George C Clason
Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Start reading. Start going to seminars on money. Start learning from other successful people and see how they think when it comes to money.  Observe their attitudes etc

Lavinia was so good on the show that I'm booking her for a series of shows on money and wealth creation in the new year. Make sure you listen in.

 Hear the Show  if you missed it.

Also check out her event Financial Extravaganza coming shortly and if you can get there it would be great to see you.

Patricia Benjamin
Life and Relationship Coach
BEFFTA Best Radio Personality
Author of 7 Habits of Highly Fabulous Women