Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Toxic Love Affairs

It's not unusual for people to be in relationships that are actually toxic.
Toxic meaning that the relationship is breaking them down, soul and spirit.
Sometimes the partner is absolutely no good for them, perhaps they are controlling,  they tell them what's good for them, what they can and can't do and when, they seem to have no power to make their own choices.
Sometimes the relationship is a Co - dependent one and they both enable each other in negative behaviour, for example drug abuse or other destructive behaviour.
Either way toxic relationships need to come to an end or be renegotiated to move forward.
I watched the Whitney Houston Lifetime movie at the weekend and it was clear there was love for each other but this couple were not good for each other.
Finally, after many years the break up comes but if you are in a toxic or even addictive relationship please don't wait that long.
First step is to admit you are in a toxic affair and own your part in it.
Then definitely bring in a third party to help you negotiate your new relationship boundaries.
Then begin to work on those areas in your life that need attention.  If possible a life coach, Relationship Coach or a counsellor will be most useful.
You will find that your confidence and self-esteem may need some work also. Again, a life coach can help you here too.
You may find you have to end the relationship for your own well being particularly if your partner refuses to see the need for change.
Take a listen to this week's Real Love Show and listen to myself and Ryeal RelationshipCoach Simms break down toxic love.
If you would like help in the form of coaching please feel free to contact myself at or indeed Ryeal via myself and I will pass this on to him 
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