Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Celebrating Success! #Woman4Africa

I've been to quite a few award ceremonies this year and have had a great time at them all.

From being six degrees away from Idris Elba, meeting popular soap stars, including Ellen Thomas (EastEnders), Chizzy Akudolu (Holby), Noel Clarke (Kidulthood), football stars Fabrice Muamba, other media personalities, dining alongside award winning film actors, producers and directors, it would still not be hyperbole to say attending Women 4 Africa's 4th Annual Award is a strong contender for my top pick.

It was vibrant with African fashion and colour, afro beats and dance, side splitting comedy, poetry that came from the heart and amazing, highly accomplished women.  I felt honoured to be amongst them.

I can't tell you how alive the room felt, pulsating with compassion, with joy in the achievement of other women and hope and belief in creating a powerful future. There really was a strong sense of sisterhood. Genuine pleasure in celebrating the victories of other women. Saying I was inspired is just not enough.

I feel very proud to have shared the same platform in the past through  radio with the host of the event Tola Onigbanjo alongside her husband Sam. A better partnering you couldn't hope to meet.

Thank you for the kind invitation to attend Tola.

Many many women were recognised and honoured and it must truly have been a tough decision for the judges as the calibre was so high. All those ladies were real winners whether called to the stage or not

A couple to mention are:-

Funke Abimbola who is Managing Counsel for Roche pharmaceutical operations in the UK and a regular lecturer at universities and conference;

Susan Edjang  from Equatorial Guinea,  a global health and policy expert serving in the UN for the Secretary General;

Ifrah Ahmed from Somalia, a committed and highly motivated social and community worker in such organisations as UNICEF, Amnesty International

But the full list will be found at - check it out.

In a time when mediocrity is often rewarded and fame is achieved by extremely questionable behaviour, I am so delighted that Women 4 Africa exists. We don't pursue our passions for awards instead its usually to fulfil that inner drive and our raison d'etre, but it is truly right that recognition is given.

These women who shine their lights so brightly and unashamedly give us all permission to shine our own. 

I'm encouraged to do so and I hope you will be.
However, no matter how much we laud these ladies never compare yourself to them or even believe you are in competition with them. You are only competing with yourself. To be better. To do better.  To grow.  To keep evolving.  Don't be tempted to stay where you're comfortable or where others are comfortable with you.

Be inspired and encouraged by these women but know that only you can achieve your mission in life. No one can do what you do in the way you can. You have your tribe to reach. You have your people to influence and you have all you need to make it happen.

Give it your all. Give it your 100%

Big Congratulations Sam and Tola Onigbanjo.  You are a winning team. Go on to dominate in your field. Thank you for showing us how its done as you keep recognising and honouring others who are doing the same.

Patricia Benjamin
Life and Relationship Coach
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